Monday, May 28, 2012

23 Weeks

Happy Memorial Day! We have been so busy the past few days.

Wednesday was last day of 2.5 year old preschool for Kaden. He did very well on his report card and the teacher said he is very bright. (her underlining!) Then we drove down to Kyle's parents farm for a few days and worked on potty training and hung out, while Kyle had meetings. He spent most of the 3 days outside, clothing and undergarments optional- , peeing on trees and running around with his 4-year old cousin, Kobe.

Today, my Mum came over and we played outside with the water tables and pool. Mid-day, we went swimming at our neighbor's house.

At 23 weeks pregnant, it seems like this little guy is so often awake! Yesterday, I swear it was every 2 hours that I could feel him moving. Kyle says that Kaden was very active, too.

Pregnancy Cravings:
  • Lemonade. I drink at least 1 full pitcher of yellow Crystal Light lemonade, watered down- so even more. Sometimes, I will be crazy and have Raspberry Lemonade, but not Pink Lemonade because I don't get why it's pink and not a flavor that I can identify.
  • Cilantro.  I don't usually like this intense herb but I am constantly craving it so I am growing some out back. I like to use it in salads, guacamole and cole slaw.
  • BBQ, including: cheeseburgers, pasta salad, cole slaw with cilantro, Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce and Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork.
Kaden is so Cute!
  • He says "macamoni and cheese" and oh how he loves it!
  • His favorite number is 5 and he insists that things be done 5 times or include 5 of an item, (5 stories at bed time, etc).
  • He has been doing great at potty training and went on trees while down at the farm. He likes to "sink cheerios" and is enjoying rainbow colored licorice as a reward, plus going outside to play.

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