Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am 6 weeks pregnant! I have always been certain I would have a boy & a girl... but something in me is saying it's a boy. We'll see.

Kaden is happy to be a big brother, although I'm not sure he really understands the entire situation. He goes back & forth between saying whether he wants a brother or sister, although lately he seems to be saying brother and then saying we should name him Kaden. I laugh & tease him, then promise that he will be the only Kaden and we're just teasing.

I am starting to get over-heated during the night and had an upset stomach today. I was never sick with Kaden, except for frequent and new-to-me heartburn. I am eating only simple, comfort foods, including grilled cheese, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and vegetarian chili.

We have only told a few people, including our parents and a few close friends.

Kaden's 2-and-a-Half Years Old Update:
  • Favorite Characters: Dora and crew, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, Curious George, Kevin the bird from "Up", Mater from "Cars"
  • Favorite Foods: Kraft macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles, cucumber w/ranch dip, swiss cheese circles, bacon, pepperoni, CANDY especially lolly pops, fruit snacks, peanut butter sandwiches, noodles with butter
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Number: 8
  • Favorite Book: too many to name! Southwestern's Number Book and Color Book, Goodnight Moon, My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss, Winnie the Pooh book w/flaps to lift, Curious George Goes Fishing, Elmo's Potty Training Book that has buttons that make sounds
  • Favorite Toys: remote controlled car from Uncle Ryan for Christmas that flips over from red to blue, kitchen set in the basement- he likes to serve "tea", he LOVES being chased around the house by someone pushing the Popper toy, bubbles in the bathtub, Hungry Hippos, Candyland (he thinks the one little girl is Dora),
  • Internet Fun: 
    • YouTube videos on the laptop or AppleTV, including TuTiTU, Elmo - esp. Elmo's got the Moves, the Fruit Train, Shape Train, Number Train, Curious George
    • Curious George games, Mister Rogers Videos, Calliou (who he calls Cashew) games, other games
  • Bedtime Routine: 
  • Kaden and Mommy go to his room, start the "animals"- which is a mobile/projector combo that  projects animals onto the ceiling as lullaby music plays, put on his 'jamas (his words), lay on the floor and read books until the animals stop playing. 
  • Then we sit on the rocking chair and cuddle while we do "Milk Baby", with a sippy cup of milk. I sometimes sing him songs including "Jesus Loves Me", "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". I always tell him stories, often about Kaden-Monkey, (he often insists we include Carter-Monkey, Khaya-Monkey, & Mommy Monkey), or Christopher Robin and friends or Dora and friends. 
  • We cuddle until the animals stop or I'm done. Then he goes into bed with a serious line up of loveys:
  • Mommy's blanket & pillow from the rocking chair, additional baby blankets, Blue Bear his stuffed lovey that was his daddy's lovey from his childhood, Blue (the blanket), Winnie the Pooh & Frog in the corners, a Cars flashlight and optional sippy cup of milk.

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