Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cute Quotes from Pregnancy

While pregnant, women are apparently subject to an ailment known as "Baby Brain"- which essentially posits the idea the hormonal changes and water loss and all that make the mom-to-be less bright. Common side-effects include forgetfulness and flaky-ness.

We kept a record of the funny things I said during pregnancy. Hope you enjoy!

  • Alyssa: (not seriously, but intently) I think I'm allergic to the sun.
  • Kyle: But remember all those days you went outside?
  • Alyssa: (in a fit of laziness) Do you have a pen over there? I'll just write it on my belly.
  • Kyle: (holiding a tiny fleck of paper) Here- I'll trade you.
  • Alyssa: What's that?
  • Kyle: a piece of paper.
  • Alyssa: Put it on the floor.
  • Kyle: That's where I picked it up from.
  • Alyssa: (while sitting on the porch at the farm, looking at "glitterbugs" in the trees and admiring the stars) I think there's someone coming! Where's the spear?
  • Alyssa: It's hard to see you with my eyes closed!
  • Alyssa: (leaving the Gap) Does this door open or do I have to push?

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