Saturday, August 22, 2009

Doctor & DiBellas

Today was our 4-week check-up. Kaden now weighs 9.14 lbs, which is exactly in the middle for boys his age. He is now 22.25 inches long, which means that he is in the 75-percentile for boys his age, so taller than 3/4 of boys his age!! The doctor said everything looked good.

I am finally getting the birth announcements sent... hopefully tomorrow. I'm looking forward to enjoying the warm weather tomorrow morning browsing a large neighborhood-wide collection of garage sales. We stopped at one sale on the way home and I found some cute baby clothes, mostly sleepers... hopefully tomorrow will be productive!

Kaden was fiesty again tonight when I put him down for bed. He will start falling asleep, then wake himself up and sometimes just start crying - which leads to screaming. We finally got him to sleep by rocking him while nursing and listening to white-noise on the radio.

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