Saturday, July 11, 2009

6 Days 'til D-Day - Ouch! plus Hibachi

Someone somewhere said that baby's movement decreases as delivery approaches, because there is less room in my tummy... in my case, they are gravely mistaken. Sometimes I love being pregnant and want him to stay inside and grow... more & more frequently I am finding myself eager to meet him and wanting the intense movement and severe heartburn to cease.

I woke up today with enough energy to drive to the store for milk & jelly, in order to make the PB&J sandwich I decided would make the best breakfast ever. Next time you eat/buy jelly, read the back label and ask yourself why high fructose corn syrup and Red dye #40 are really necessary... then buy the natural stuff, preferably, from a local maker - but Smucker's and the other guys sell all natural ones, too. We have been using Blackberry jelly made by Kyle's Mom - I'm so spoiled.

We used a gift certificate for dinner - realizing this is probably the last weekend we can randomly drive 20 minutes for hibachi dinner just because. A woman sitting at our table told us that she is known for causing women to go into labor... but despite SERIOUS movement and lots of contractions, I do not appear to be having this baby tonight.

I've been busy designing the finishing touches for the nursery... I am making some special prints- I will post when complete... hopefully it will be tomorrow!!!!

good night.

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